Description 1
Description 2
Description 3
Description 4
Description 5
Single Vane Trap
After Storm
Location Shot
Kerbside Basket Trap
Location Shot
After Storm
Deflector Trap
Captured Dry Rubbish
Dual Vane Trap
The Flow
The Event
The Capture
Single-Cell Dry Sediment Basin
Captured Dry Sediment
Mirror Vane Trap
Full Flow
After Storm
Drop Rack Trap
Captured Dry Rubbish
In-ground Installation
Drop Basket Trap
Captured Dry Rubbish
Leaf Litter
Multi-Cell Dry Sediment Basin
After Storm
Location Shot
Wet Sediment Basin
Captured Wet Sediment
Oil & Grit Separator
Oil Skimmer
Location Shot
Spill Containment Trap
Inside Trap
In-ground Installation
Inlet Protection
Before Event
During Event
Energy Dissipater
After Storm

Who Are Baramy ?

Baramy are designers of waste management and water pollution treatment solutions for Storm and Waste Water systems. We are the Pioneers of the "Dry Rubbish" design principle and this forms the basis of all Baramy designs/products.

We are the most environmentally sound product on the market in our class. Click below to see all the Baramy design prnciples.

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Dry Rubbish

Baramy recognised the many benefits of Dry Rubbish over 18 years ago. The simple fact that Dry pollutants are a lot lighter than Wet pollutants make them much cheaper and easier to dispose of.

Click below to see the other benefits of Dry Rubbish.

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Low Maintenance

The design and construction of the Baramy solutions result in Low Maintenance costs for the end user. This is made possible due to there being no moving parts and that the traps can be cleaned only when needed, not on a predefined schedule.

Click below to see the other aspects that make Baramy Low Maintenance solutions.

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Baramy Achieves High Flows 

Baramy's solutions treat flows in excess of 125m3/s.

Capture Rates Unprecendented

A single Baramy trap captured over 200 tonnes of "Dry" rubbish and sediment in a 12 month period.